Scaling up an eCommerce Store with Appropriate Servers

According to a survey by eMarketer, eCommerce sales would cross £80 billion by 2017. This tremendous growth in online market means every online business must ensure their website is capable to handle it. The IT technology that is being used by your website should be considered twice not only to ensure that the front end of the website is professional and flawless, but also that the internal infrastructure that supports the site is highly effective.

There are a number of components that need to work together in order to deliver an efficient shopping experience for the customer. One of the most important is how the servers in use can be scaled. The performance of the server that supports the website is highly effective. Below are the options available for server hosting for you to select what kind of hosting you require for your eCommerce store:

Shared Server: It is the least expensive form of hosting as you are sharing the resources with other websites that are on the same server. This can affect the performance of the website as other websites also use the same resources. This form of hosting is suitable for those who are in the initial phase of their website or desire to keep the website on small scale.

Virtual Private Server: When shared server is no longer feasible for your website in terms of traffic and loading time, the next hosting option available for you is Virtual Private Server. It is a form of shared hosting however, resources are allocated to each VPS that cannot be used by any other website. Moreover, VPS hosting provides you with your own IP address with your server which gives you full control over the various websites that are hosted on that IP.

Dedicated Server: It comes with increased cost, however, proves to be advantageous for your website. It also provides a greater level of security to your website and is equipped with solid support staff if you do not have any technical knowledge. It can likewise handle increased traffic as it has greater bandwidth compared to the shared hosting. Its flexibility includes the creation of ideal hosting environment for your website.

As the traffic increases on the website there comes a point when website if on a shared server is not able to handle these increased number of visitors and load time of the website starts increasing. This results in increased bounce rate and your customers start moving to competitors website and make purchases on their websites. To prevent losing visitors to the competitors, migrating from shared server to dedicated server becomes inevitable.

eRetailers start looking towards the server options available that are easy on their pocket and are capable of giving improved performance to enhance customer experience on the website. Some of the leading server providers and their cost plans are discussed below.


Shared hosting plans of InMotion are hard to compete with, especially for the businesses owners that are new to web hosting and just need a simple website.


LiquidWeb offers 24*7 support and constant commitment for building more functionalities for the customers. The enthusiasm of the team members provides awesome results which is quite impressive.


BlueHost adheres to modern standards of hardware with fantastic customer support. They have all the goods to meet your hosting needs today and in the future.


iPage offers a wide range of hosting services including dedicated and VPS hosting. They offer a great combination of hardware and customer support required for all your hosting needs at reasonable price.


Hostgator are well known for their large number of servers and their consistent reliability. They offer decent dedicated and VPS options if you need your website to scale.


Amazon Web Services:

Featuring quality hardware and support along with reliable servers that cover worldwide locations, they are considered as one of the best hosting providers of dedicated servers among their competitors. The server plans have been categorized into four types:

1) on-demand pricing,
2) spot pricing
3) reserved pricing
4) Dedicated pricing.

Each plan is further subdivided into instances that are basically combinations of server resources that a user can choose depending on their requirements. You can purchase your suitable instance on hourly basis.

More information of their hosting plans is available at


MageMojo is one of the few server hosting providers that offers only Dedicated servers. They offer 24*7 premium support. Their plans are divided into two categories: Businesses and Companies which are further divided based on server resources configuration. Visit for detailed pricing plan.

Expectations after Server Migration

In a nutshell, as soon as you migrate to a dedicated server, you get a great network connection without any outside interference. It also provides high level of security from cyber attacks as you are sure that you are not sharing space and resources with a malicious website or a potential spammer. Being on a dedicated server gives you flexibility, speed, unique IP address and better performance even if the traffic on the website increases. We hope this article is useful for you to decide your suitable server to launch or migrate your website.

The Brihaspati Infotech has gained experience and expertise in the field of server migration. You can seamlessly move into your new server without having to bother about your data if you hire Magento developers from The Brihaspati Infotech. You will get access to a team of professionally trained developers who will help you migrate the servers as well as databases without disturbing the ongoing business operations.


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