Processing an RMA in a Magento eCommerce Store

Magento is constantly developing new extensions to improve every Magento online store performance. They strive to make every extension more responsible for all the eCommerce business needs. Installation of new extensions in your Magento store is a great choice, especially if you care to keep your online store up-to-date with better performance featuring new functions and features. Magento has come up with a powerful tool named Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for managing and processing returns as well as exchange requests directly from the eCommerce website.

Accepting returns or exchanges is necessary component of a great customer service and a significant key for a successful eCommerce store. Customers tend to buy from those vendors who offer a flexible return policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and would highly appreciate it if this process is easily managed. RMA is an efficient way to manage return or exchange the items purchased from an eStore.

It automatically generates all the appropriate operations and makes it easy to handle every aspect of the return and tracking it until the resolution is completed. A customer has all the necessary tools to monitor request processing and interact with store owner. Store personnel is also provided with an easy and straightforward process for dealing with return merchandise authorization requests. Below given is the work flow of an RMA in Magento.

Requesting the Return (Customer)

You need to create RMA for which you have to enable yourself in the back end and issue RMA for the orders that are “complete”. Now, the customer is able to click return to initiate RMA in Magento. The customer then needs to select the product they would like to return, quantity to return and the desired resolution (exchange, return, store credit). The customer also needs to specify the condition of the product being returned.


Next step is to mention the reason of returning the product. These reasons can be configured within the Magento admin panel.

Approving the Request (Admin)

The Magento “back office” displays the return requests received by the customers. The admin can either give store credit, refund, or exchange of goods to the customers. After authorizing the RMA, the admin has to enable shipping carriers for RMA following the creation of shipping labels for the customers. Admin will also be able to select the shipping method for the return label. Now add products to the package by checking them.


It will create a label which you can print and email to the customer (if necessary). Click print shipping label to print the label and attach the shipping label to the package. The RMA process is completed and now the admin can proceed for credit memo.


Processing a Credit Memo

Admin needs to click the order number and check the invoices of the order. Next select the invoice that is to be credited. Click on the credit memo button which is at the top of the page. Credit memo page will display a few more options which are to be selected appropriately following clicking refund button which completes the credit memo process.

Integration of RMA in Magento eCommerce store has proved to be very beneficial for both customers and admins in processing the return requests. However, integrating various extensions with RMA gives outstanding results for store owners.

Integration with Store Credit and Refund Extension

The integration with Store Credit and Refund extensions allows to refund to a store credit balance. Also, it allows you to do an exchange of products with different prices.

Integration with Help Desk Extension

You can convert any help desk ticket to an RMA request after integrating with this extension. All discussion about RMA can be done via emails. Your customers do not need to login to the store to reply to an RMA message. They can reply directly from their email and their answer will be added to the RMA automatically.

Integration with FedEx

This integration allows you to create shipping labels directly from the RMA interface and send them to customers. It prevents possible mistakes with shipping labels and speed up the processing of RMA.

Integrate RMA into your Magento store to enhance the return and exchange process of your Magento store. Hire Magento developer in India from us to get the integration process of RMA done perfectly which will make managing the return and exchange requests more effective and easy for the online shoppers.


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