Best Magento Extensions to Increase Conversion Rate

Starting an eCommerce store is a deliberate endeavor. But, It may not turn up to be a successful attempt at being profitable and of high conversion rate. There is a plethora of things which should be considered while running an eCommerce store.

This article shall highlight the importance and sublime functionality that Magento’s extensions offer to increase the conversion rate of your online store.

I have found the below-mentioned extensions good to impact the respective conversion rate of you can test any of these as per your convenience.

1. One Step Checkout Extensions

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
9/10 Compatibility out-of-the-box

Get an immediate impact on your bottom line by improving your checkout process. It results in more visitors completing their order instead of abandoning the cart due to its complicated check-out process.

It helps you to increase online sales conversion by reducing customer abandonment. Major attractions of this extension cover the following:

. It reduces checkout to a single step,
. provides an easier and faster checkout process;
. boosts immediate sales and
. increase return visits.
. And, Automatically detect customer geolocation.

2. Magento Store Locator

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
Offers Localization, personalization, creativity, and flexibility for a better User Experience

This extension offers you an advanced search option and further, customization setting to handle all the mapping, directions, and navigation.

The Magento store locator extension comes coordinated with Google Maps and detects the customer’s on spot area automatically and show them every possible route with the driving directions to the store location.

The features of this extension include the following:

. Quick store location search,
. Store location with images,
. Provides users the convenience to get directions,
. SEO features can be used to rank your store locator page, and so forth.

3. Improved Layered Navigation Extension

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
Flexible and User-friendly

The implementation of this extension shall provide your users with a handy way of browsing the store’s product catalog, which includes using multiple filters such as color, brand, price holder and few other attributes.

The unique Ajax filtering speeds up the search process and within this extension, you can build relevant filters such as brand pages or brand lists in the left and vertical menus to offer the users a possibility to shorten their choices.

The feature list of this extension includes:

. Speed up product filtering with AJAX
. Generate SEO-friendly URLs and custom brand pages
. Multiple and single attribute selection
. Adjust store menu and product filters display to your requirements

4. Magento Product Review Booster extension

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
Helps to improve your store compatibility with the user

The product reviews can highly impact your eCommerce store’s conversion rate. As the industry is becoming customer-centric, therefore, online retailers are primarily focusing on the elements like product reviews which can influence the buying decision of the customer.

In general, It has been found that 85 per cent of customers buy only after knowing others opinion about the product after reading the online reviews.

The core features of this extension include the following:

. Increases social exposure
. Allow customers to review products & submit their feedback
. Helps you to get more product reviews and display them effectively
. Auto-send review reminders to customers both automatically and manually

5. Pre-Order Extension

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
Offers an ease of order management

This extension shall help you to find out which products are gaining great popularity and you can restock your items accordingly.

The feature list of this extension includes the following:

Helps in selling “up coming” or “out of stock” products in advance
Customer gets notified when pre-order product is available
Applied to configurable and simple products
Great market research tool for future planning
Helps in analyzing customers demand

6. Product Labels Extension

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
Attract customer’s attention with special offers


Opting for product label extension for your Magento store is another way of increasing the conversion rate.

It helps you to display multiple labels on products falling on the different category page.

The key features of this extension include the following:

. Ready-made elegant and unique labels of different shape and color
. Out of the box sticker collection
. Can create unlimited number of labels
. Helps you draw customer attention

7. Magento Store Switcher

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2
a perfect guide for international customers to the corresponding store


This extension contributes towards the conversion rate of your eCommerce store by allowing your customers to have specific products and reviews as per their region.

The key features of this extension are as follows:

. Uses users’ IP addresses to detect their location
. Set needed language based on the location of the customer
. Guide international customers properly to the corresponding store version
. Automatic redirection is disabled for certain IP addresses


In my opinion, every Magento store owners should install at least one of the above mentioned extensions in context with an increase of the eCommerce store’s conversion rate.

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